Mandarin Training

About Us

Mandarin training and consulting was established recently by investors from the United States specialized in Development and Planning in order to develop administrative, financial, economic, scientific, and technological competencies of enterprises, in addition to develop these competencies and forward-looking vision of the importance of the transfer of scientific knowledge to high quality practical skill through scientific studies and training courses.

And because of the fact that the Arabic person is considered a creative leader by nature; it was our promise to properly train him with the successful and effective training to spout from his inside the productive and leader giant; in order to meet with the actual needs of companies, institutions, organizations, and individuals to access the planned performance and upgrading his profession level, distinct in our programs to our distinguished and qualified trainer and training materials with the findings of modern science and the variety of training methods.


Our Vision

 Mandarin strives to be the first choice in the field of training and consultancy, for all companies in the Middle East.

Our Mission

 Enable the investment in human resources in the public and private sectors through the transfer of scientific and practical experience of the trainer to the trainee with sophisticated global methods for preparing distinct human cadre in the Arab world capable to promote the nation to the highest levels.

Our methodology

 We focus in Mandarin on practical applied side of training in addition to the theoretical content; by providing an advisory and coaching role with realistic cases from experts with long practical experience in the labor market to the trainees who wish to refine their experiences, which making them able to keep up with the latest theoretical and practical methods and best practices and most successful ways in problem solving. We conduct a preliminary evaluation by the instructor for each trainee at the start of the session and another evaluation when done in addition to participants ‘ evaluation of the instructor and the overall level of implementation of the program.

Our experts

When choosing trainers and experts; first we focus in Mandarin on practical experience. And the secret of our success is the existence of a selected constellation of experts and trainers in various areas of training with high degrees and long experience and who are able to transfer their experience to the trainees efficiently and professionally.

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